Michael Cathcart

I am an Architect...and I love what I do!

"Michael is a top-notch designer with extensive knowledge in both construction and architecture which positions him to rise above other professionals in the industry." - BRANDON WILSON, President, Icon Structures Inc.

"We had a lot of special circumstances that required many trips to the city, interfacing with public officials and of course the inspections. All of those tricky to navigate issues, which would have been difficult for us to handle, were no big deal for Michael." - ROLF GUNDERSON, Committee Member, Early Learning Center

"The design experience and attention to detail Mr. Cathcart brings to the table can really be seen in this project. His creativeness along with his ability to listen and understand what a customer wants brings a tremendous combination with an amazing outcome." - BEN VOEGELI
I've been practicing Architecture in and around the Wichita Kansas area since the early '90's having started my own practice in 2006. I graduated from the University of Kanas School of Architecture and Urban Design in 1992 with honors. I have been married for nearly 26 years and have 3 amazing children.
Creating Architecture that is easy to look at and pleasing to inhabit.
Listen to the unspoken desires of my clients and make them a reality.
Employ the timeless principles of design to make each project better.
Strive for excellence and live with quality.
Design with integrity and live with the same.

About me

I am a husband and father that practices Architecture to my fullest abilities. My favorite part of any project is when my clients are excited by what they see on paper and inspired by what they experience in the built project.

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