Pavilion at NorthStone

Located near Benton, KS, this pavilion was erected in a low area in the middle of open, grassy fields. Surrounded by a creek and below a dammed lake, the building is isolated making it the perfect location for a company, family or group getaway. In fact, the Derby, KS football team is hosted at this location several times a year for team building outings. To build upon the legacy of four generations of farmers, two brothers have put a tremendous amount of sweat and tears into building this prairie oasis to serve their family and their community.

The pavilion is open air with large canvas curtains able to be drawn for a more intimate (and sometimes dry) gathering place. All fo the limestone used for the columns and the tremendous fire place were hand selected from the surrounding fields and outcroppings. The building hosts a catering type kitchen, restrooms/showers and an attic loft for the occasional overnight stay.

Client: Chase brothers